Adora Feeding Set ...This great feeding set is a perfect accessory for any little girl. It comes complete with everything you need to "feed" your baby dolls. This 6 piece set includes: a baby bottle, a bib, a fork, a spoon, a feeding tray and a carry all bag. It even folds up nice and neat to fit in your diaper bag. Ages 2+ Price $15.99 + $6.00 SH

NurseryTime Baby ...These nursery time babies are loving swaddled in an adorable jersey one piece newborn outfit. These dolls come as a set with their accessories. The set includes: a 16" baby powder scented, gentle touch vinyl baby doll, baby carrier, fleece blanket, infant sleeper night gown, hat, diaper and a birth announcement paper.. That's 7 pieces all together! This doll is a great deal! Weighing in at 2 lbs 7 ounces they are perfect for any little girl to love. Ages 3+ Price $80.00 + $20.00 SH

Froggy Fun Boy ...Take one look at this adorable young man and see if you won't be able to resist the temptation to kiss his little cheeks. Dressed in a green jumper with a frog applique an the front, he has on a green, yellow and white striped shirt with a matching hat and a pair of green booties that match his jumper. This "frog prince" is sure to charm hearts. He has red hair and green eyes. Ages 6+ Price $90.00 + $20.00 SH

Froggy Fun Girl ...Dressed in a green, yellow and white striped two piece long sleeved shirt and pants with a coordinating corduroy green skirt over it with a cute frog applique on it. Completing this adorable outfit are her green bows holding her lovely red pigtails in place, her frog applique purse and hand crafted green sandals with applique frogs on them to complete the perfect picture. This "frog princess" is the pick of the pond. She has red hair and green eyes. Ages 6+ Price $90.00 + $20.00 SH

Little Princess ...This beautiful 12 inch baby doll is great for girls of all ages. Your baby doll comes with a silky smooth body that smells of fresh baby powder.Very light weight dolls. Best of all Adora playtime baby dolls are completely Machine Washable in cold water. Simply place your doll in a pillow case and wash on the gentle cycle. After an air dry they are ready to be played with again. *Please note that the baby powder smell will fade when it has been washed* Ages 10 months+
$29.95 plus $15.00 SH