Cabbage Patch Ian Doll ...Released in 1996 Ian is the Camp Cabbage Captain. Dressed in cruise director attire he looks dashing in his white shirt and black tie, blue jacket with gold buttons with anchors on them, his white shorts with a blue life ring on them that reads " Camp Cabbage anniversary cruise" and his white socks with life rings and anchors on the sides and white shoes. Around his neck he is carrying his gold whistle and his binoculars. displayed on the left side of his jacket is his gold name tag. A great piece to play with or to collect. Small parts Ages 5+
Price $80.00 + $18.00 SH

Cabbage Patch Bashful Billy Doll ...Released in 1989 Bashful Billy is part of the Happy Hobo special edition. He is very colorful and bright. Dressed in his hobo clown suit he is wearing a bright blue shirt, colorful tie, red suspenders which hold up his colorful pants, his black and red and yellow clown shoes, a full length blue denim jacket and a black hobo hat on top of his bright orange yarn hair. his face is painted in traditional clown fashion, and he has brown eyes. ( His hair is attached to is hat and his shoe is signed.) This doll is more of a collector piece then a play with piece. Ages 10+
Price $225.00 + $18.00 SH

Cabbage Patch Bucky Doll ...Released in 1995 Bucky is one of the cowboy themed cabbage patch babies. This adorable soft all cloth doll is dressed in a potato sack type, cowboy themed denim snuggler. The top is red and black bandanna with white fringe. This cute doll has brown curly yarn hair and blue eyes. It has never been played with but, sadly is missing the cowboy hat. This is a great play with doll or collector doll. Ages 3+
Price $200.00 + $18.00 SH