GI Joe Action Astronaut ...Relive your adventures with your very own official reproduction of the original GI Joe Astronaut! Part of the Masterpiece Edition released in 1996, this is a great piece! He includes: a realistic astronaut suit including helmet, boots, and gloves. He also has: a space camera, propellant gun, a chest pack with a tether cord, air conditioner, GI Joe dog tag, and astronaut instruction sheet. In the box with this figure is also a book written by the creator of GI Joe, Don Levine. This book tells the full story of GI Joe, and includes top secret details that have never before been revealed! There are also over 100 full color photographs and illustrations, many of which were never released! A great piece! Ages 10+
This has never been removed from the box! The box does have a small amount of cracking and breakage on the plastic piece over the book
Price $139.00 + $18.00 SH

GI Joe Navy Seal with Raft ...A reproduction of the original GI Joe. America's top hero has challenged himself to the limit, joining the elite Navy Seals for a top secret military mission. As part of the world's most highly trained and skillful fighting force, GI Joe Navy Seal strikes from the sea under cover of darkness, completes his mission, then returns to the water. On to his next stealth encounter.. This GI Joe is new in the box and comes complete with: a GI Joe figure, raft, raft motor, uniform, hat, dog tag, automatic weapon, pistol in holster, knife in holster, 2 hand grenades, backpack, canteen, boots, and instructions. The raft motor really works! (Batteries not included) Ages 10+
Price $175.00 + $18.00