Robert Raikes The Three Bears ...Another great collector piece. The three bears are a limited edition set of just 7500. They are standing on an oval wooden platform with The Three Bears by Robert Raikes stamped on it. Mamma and Papa Bear are both 11 and 1/2 inches tall. Mamma is dressed in Cotton dress. The top is off white the skirt is dark brown and her apron and hat are pale pink with lace accented trim. Papa is dressed in a pair of tweed brown pants, off white t-shirt, tweed bow tie that matches his pants and black suspenders. He is also holding a wood carved cane. Baby Bear is dressed in a one piece tweed jumper that matches Papa bear, it has a light brown collar and a white tie. He is also wearing a matching tweed hat. Baby bear is 8 inches tall. They all have the usual wood carved faces and wooden hands and feet. Each piece is signed and numbered on their foot.Papa and baby bear have dark brown fur and mama has pale almost blonde fur. The hang tag is intact. Unfortunately this piece is missing the box and the certificate of authenticity. Still a great piece to own. Price $175.00 + $15.00 SH

Robert Raikes 17th Edition Circus Collection Ringmaster ...Robert Raikes Ringmaster Bear. He is part of the 17th Edition Circus Collection released in 1993. He is 24 inches tall. He is out of a limited edition of only 5000. The Ringmaster a 24 inch tall, fully jointed bear with a hand carved wooden face and footpads. He has dark brown fur and is dressed in black pants, white shirt, shimmering red and black jacket, and wearing a whistle around his neck. He has the Robert Raikes signature stamp and number engraved on his wooden footpad. He also has a carved wooden mustache. The Ringmaster comes with a specially designed Certificate of Authenticity, his box and original papers. His hang tag is still attached. The Ringmaster is in excellent condition. His box is showing a bit of wear but, is in good condition. A exceptinal piece for all Raikes collectors. Price $275.00 + $25.00 SH

Robert Raikes 1989 Santa Bear ...Robert Raikes 1989 Christmas Santa Limited to 7500 pieces. He has a Wood Face and Feet, he is numbered and signed on his foot. He stands about 16 inches tall. This Raikes Bear is fully jointed! Santa is proudly dressed in a red velvet Santa suit with white faux fur for the trim. He also has matching hat, and a big wide belt with a wooden buckle. He has beautiful white fur and a white carved beard and mustache. He has only been pulled out of his box one time. He comes complete with all hang tags, certificate of authenticity and his box. There is some minor damage to his box but he is in excellent condition. A perfect piece for any Raikes collector. Price $110.00 + $15.00 SH

Robert Raikes Bonnie Cowgirl Bear ...Bonnie is an adorable plush teddy bear with a wooden face and footpads. She is dressed in a blue denim skirt, red and white gingham blouse,white vest, white petticoat, neckerchief and her red cowgirl hat. She has beige fur. She stands at 16 inches tall. This is a limited edition bear, only 10000 were made. She is in great condition and all her tags are intact. She comes complete with her Certificate of Authenticity and box. Box has some very minor wear. Price $125.00 + $15.00 SH

Robert Raikes Sherwood Forest Collection Marian ... This piece is a limited edition of only 7,500 bears produced worldwide. She was originally released in 1989. Marian stands at approximately 14" tall and is made from a brown mohair. She has a wonderfully detailed wooden face with brown eyes. She has hand carved wooden paws and footpads with jointed arms, legs and a swivel head. She is wearing a lovely gold and beige dress with a full length burgundy cape,with Raikes Originals embroidered in gold on it. Marian comes complete with the original box, hand tag and a certificate of authenticity. Box has some minor wear and tear on it. This item is in great condition and would make a beautiful addition to any Raikes collection. Price $149.99 + $15.00 SH

Robert Raikes Christmas Craftsman Set of 3 ...This is a great set of 3 bears. Released in 1994. You have Rembrandt, Sawyer and Tinker. Rembrandt is a brown bear with a green and red apron on with a wooden star sewn on the chest. he also has a long red hat on and he is holding a wooden paint brush. Wooden face and feet also. The second bear is Sawyer. Sawyer is an all white bear. Wooden face and feet. He is dressed in a pair of red,white and green overalls and a green elf hat. he has on a pair of glasses and is holding a wooden saw. The third bear is Tinker. Tinker is a tan colored bear. he is dressed in a pair of green print pants with holly leaves and berries on them. He is wearing a red and white stripped vest with yellow embellishment on the bottom. He is wearing a red, green and black plaid hat with a small brass bell on the end and is holding a wooden hammer. All bears are 8" tall. They come in a single box with the certificate of authenticity. Collectors 12+ $225.00 + 20.00 SH

Robert Raikes Liza Bear ...Liza is a beautiful all white bear with beautiful blue eyes. Released in 1989 she really is a great piece. She has the wooden face and feet like all the Raikes bears. She is dressed in a lovely pink dress, white bloomers, with cute pink bows by her ears. Liza comes with a book and a tape of The Secret Journey by Kevin Roth. She also comes with her box and certificate of authenticity. She is a great piece for any Robert Raikes collector. Ages 12+ $250.00 + 15.00 SH

Robert Raikes Jessie Cowboy Bear ...Another great Raikes bear. Released in 1989 this golden colored bear is ready to round up the outlaws. He has the wooden face and feet. He is dressed in a pair of denim pants, a red long sleeved shirt, white faux leather vest, red bandanna and a red cowboy hat. He also has a silver sheriff's star pinned to his vest. He is a must see and must have. Great for Raikes collectors ages 12+ $135.00 + 15.00 SH

Robert Raikes Sherwood Forest Collection Robin Raccoon ...Not exactly a bear but, Robin is one of the pieces to the Sherwood Forest collection. Released in 1989, He is a light brown raccoon with wooden hands feet and face. He is dressed in a faux leather vest with a velveteen sash across his chest and around his waist. To complete the look he has a cotton hat on with a little blue feather in it. Comes with his box and certificate of authenticity. Great for collectors 12+ $275.00 + 15.00 SH

Robert Raikes Woody Bear Gray ...One of the classic Raikes bears. He is an all grey bear with the wooden face and wooden feet. These woody bears came without boxes and have a wooden pin sewn to their chest. Great for any Raikes collector. Ages 12+ SOLD OUT!

Allison and Gregory ...The wedding set..Released in 1986, sold as a set but,each is individually numbered. Gregory is dressed for the big day in his black jacket, tie and hat an a shiny white shirt. Allison is ready for her big day dressed in her beautiful white silk dress and veil with pale blue ribbon accents and pale blue flower accents. Both pieces are in great condition complete with their hang tags and shared certificate. The box however has some minor damage, some small rips and bends and a bit of discoloration. This is a great collector piece for all Raikes collectors. Serious collectors only.
$500.00 plus $25.00 SH

Tyrone ...Tyrone is the largest raikes bear ever released coming in at a whopping 36" tall. He has medium brown fur. Dressed for a glamorous night on the town, wearing a black velveteen trimmed tux with a white shirt. He has been hand signed by the artist. His hang tag is intact, however his certificate is missing..This bear is almost impossible to find. For serious collectors only. 5000 produced
$950.00 plus $25.00 SH

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