Puttering Around Cornelius and Alice Vanderbear ...Ready for a day of golf? Cornelius and Alice are! Stylishly dressed in their golf attire. Alice is wearing a white pleated skirt, red and white sweater and red and white sun hat and holding a golf club. Cornelius is wearing white pleated pants, a white, beige and red checkered sweater and a black and white golf hat. Both have brown and white golf shoes and Cornelius has a golf bag. Numbered limited edition both are marked #510. A great set for Vanderbear collectors and golfers alike. Rare piece. New in box.. Box has miner fading. Ages 12+
$250.00 plus $20.00 SH

Muffy's Fairytale: Mufferella and the Bunny Godmother ...Beautiful 2 pet set. Muffy looks beautiful dressed in her brightly colored silky Cinderella dress. With her Bunny Godmother by her side dressed in a lovely orange, red and pink lacy dress.Both have on a shiny faux diamond tiara too to complete their outfits. A must own set for Muffy and Hoppy collectors. Ages 12+
$199.99 plus $20.00 SH

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